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Created on: 2012-06-09

Approximate number of subscribers: 197754

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Moderators: PhilInholes, SEO_Nuke, BotDefense, HSpamSlayer, jimskog99

Community Description: A sub-reddit for all who love incest comics.

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1. **No underage content, as per the [reddit content policy](** If the content appears to include depictions of characters under the age of 18, it breaks this rule.
Posting underaged content can potentially result in a ban from both /r/IncestComics and Reddit.

2. **Comics only.** The exception being posts to discuss the subreddit itself or requesting a certain comic. **Incest pictures and videos belong in /r/IncestPorn.**
* Drawn depictions, such as paintings and sketches, are allowed.
* 3D depictions are also allowed, provided their contents are on-topic (i.e., incest is more than something mentioned in the post title).

3. **Approved Image Hosts Only.** No links to downloading zip files or other forums.
If you want to post a comic, upload it in an album on Imgur or Reddit's image host.

4. **Selling the work of others is not allowed.** Self-promotion is okay as long as you're not spamming the subreddit. Keep in mind that quality is far preferable to quantity.

5. **Don't ask others to DM you.** Posts and comments that focus on soliciting people to DM you are not allowed and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

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