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Created on: 2008-12-01

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Community Description: A celebration of monstrous mammaries and the women who have them.

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Welcome to /r/hugeboobs, a celebration of monstrous mammaries and the women who have them.



1. Nothing smaller than E cups.

2. Use,,, or **ONLY.** All other domains will be removed.

3. No morphs or otherwise heavily photoshopped images. Also, no images of low quality and/or resolution.

4. No bolt-ons.

5. No personal information or social media links. This includes asking for such information.

6. Only images and gifs. Post videos to /r/hugeboobvideos.

7. Use [Google images]( to identify the name or source of models posted. Search, post your results, and reap that sweet karma.

8. If you report something, please message the mods why you reported it. Otherwise, it may be ignored.

9. Be respectful, especially to girls who are posting pictures of themselves.

10. Reposting somebody elses' GW content is not allowed, even if you credit the author.

11. No spam/advertising/self-promotion. Do not advertise snapchat, instagram, patreon, or other accounts/services. Do not advertise personal subreddits/websites. No spammy watermarks.

12. No collages, neither amateur nor professional.


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