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Created on: 2018-06-05

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Community Description: A moderated community for non-monetized Hotwives to find and complete challenges.

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This community is for new and experienced Hotwives and Hot GFs to find spicy challenges to help them get further into the lifestyle.

1. **Monetized Accounts and Marketing Activity Prohibited**

2. **Be Kind**

3. **Posts must be related to challenges**

4. **Low effort challenges prohibited**

5. **Reposts prohibited**

6. **Non-consensual media sharing prohibited**

7. **Upvote begging prohibited**

8. **Soliciting contact information of posters is prohibited**

9. **Private challenges (DM me) prohibited**

10. **Posts must be OC**

.|Posting Guidelines
**Challenge Request**| Should include details about your situation, why you seek a challenge, and your desired difficulty level.
**Challenge Completed**| Include the challenge completed (i.e., text my ex a photo of my tits), a photo/video or story of the challenge being met, and mention the community member who issued the challenge.
**Community Generated Challenge**| Should include details about the challenge and the difficulty level.

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