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Created on: 2013-12-12

Approximate number of subscribers: 155811

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Moderators: Mypostsmakeyouwet, phatyoungthang, wankinhank2, AutoModerator

Community Description: This Sub is focused on hotwife. A Hotwife likes her husband and likes sex with other people. She respects and loves her partner and her partner and spouse respect her. No Cuckold content.

We are making a shift away from racially based content. If the community finds a post offensive it will be removed.

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1. Captions only, meaning text on the image. Photos, drawn art, and gifs are all acceptable to caption.

2. Captions must be on-topic; Hotwife, not degrading cuckold, no male cum eating, no breeding/pregnancy

3. Content must be 18+ by all measures.

4. Crop excessive blank space off of your images.

5. Don't request caps here. r/RequestCaption is for that.

6. All captioned images must contain a female presence. No solo dick pic captions.

7. Original captions only please.

8. Posts can be removed if text is too hard to read on the background. Make sure caps are readable.

9. If the post instructs people to message you privately in any way you are a bot & permanently banned.

10. “Reblog if” “repost if” “by posting this” “will do X for each upvote” = banned for being a bot.

11. Caption can't BE an ad. You can watermark your site in the corner as long as the rest is a caption.

12. All rules of the Reddit site and app still apply to this sub.

13. No involuntary pornography, (name your models) details:
Reddit has a rule against “involuntary pornography” AKA “nonconsensual intimate media” which they do apply to captions. Safe to cap: Pornstars, 18+ celebrities, amateur 18+ models posting themsleves on Reddit, OnlyFans, etc. and aspiring models 18+ trying to be famous on social media. Not safe to cap: non-famous people you know IRL or you found on social media. If you include the name of the model on the image, in the title, or in a comment the mods can easily verify your caption is allowed.

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