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Created on: 2017-04-19

Approximate number of subscribers: 212551

Approximate number of online users: 256

Moderators: alrightyougotmensfw, HentaiSauce_Bot, BotDefense, and_Gravy

Community Description: Here at r/FutaCum, we love our futas to be constantly overflowing with delicious cum. Sub is NSFW and contains futanari and hentai.

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1: Do not post or crosspost spam (Images consisting of begging for DMs will be considered spam. Crossposting is currently disabled due to overabundance of spam bots)

2: Posts must contain Futanari (femboys and males are allowed in the context of there also being futanari present, flair appropriately) IRL Trans content is not currently permitted, posts must be hentai or similar content.

3: Post must contain cum.

4: No AI Art

5: No Lolli/underage content of any kind

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