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Created on: 2014-05-23

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Moderators: PublicFakeUser, Ovenchicken, Sexy_Saffron, cumwalkfan, naughtyascanbe, gesplore

Community Description: Community for sharing cumwalk content, in which women with cum on their faces walk for all to see.

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##What is a cumwalk ?
A cumwalk is when a girl receive a facial and take a walk with her face covered with cum. Usually there are people around, sometimes there are interactions with people (talking, smiling, asking something..)

1. No videos without a ‘cumwalk’
2. Questionable age. No under 18s full stop.
3. No recent reposts.
4. No revealing of private information
5. No gay content. Ladies cumwalking only.
6. No hentai (if cumwalk hentai even exists)
7. No bad or dead links, i.e. flooded with ads or with expired content
8. No non risky cumwalks; must be in a populated area

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