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Created on: 2012-03-12

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Moderators: KageLord, OmorashiFreak, Sameranks

Community Description: Erotic Figurines covered in cum ♥

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Be nice to each other and *please* follow this simple rules!

The "Main Board" is **ONLY** for actual SoF (*Semen on Figure*) contents, for questions / discussion / everything else *PLEASE* use the Monthly SoF Discussion & Requests Threads, Thanks!!!

Do not post content of yourself unless you are 18 or older. Also only 18+ characters are allowed to be posted here.

Direct link your works, don't make a "text post" with a link of your contents in the comments.

Don't spam and try to not upload too much contents in a short period of time, a post every 5 to 7 days will be nice.

Never link paid contents, lets keep this subreddit without paywalls!

If you post content of another person, make it clear and ask the original author first / link the original source. Do not post contents of others without their permission.

Don't re-post your (or another person) contents, unless the original link is no longer available.

If you make multiple SoF contents of the same Figure in a short period of time, try to keep everything in a single thread.

Off-Topic posts & posts against the rules will be deleted / banned.

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