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Created on: 2012-12-22

Approximate number of subscribers: 115995

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Moderators: greatyellowshark

Community Description: Cum in the air, happy endings, etc.

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**Submission rules:**

Images, gifs, and videos that feature cum in the air are accepted.

**1)** There must be a woman in the photo – no solo performances, please.

**2)** All models must be over 18. No references to underage sex, jailbait, etc.

**3)** Use imgur, minus, or redgifs. Direct links to tumblr or blogspot should be ok as well. (The goal is to avoid spam, pop-ups, viruses, and broken links.) If there's a domain you would like to post from but aren't sure if it's ok, please [message the mods](

**4)** No Self Promotion. Keep it to your profile not on the sub

**5)** No fishing for karma

If your submission doesn't appear after a few minutes feel free to [message the mods]( and we'll check it out.

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