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Created on: 2018-11-23

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Moderators: NSFWToys

Community Description: A subreddit for cum gifs – Swallowing, licking, swapping, or playing. This is the place for more than just a facial. A little more specific than cumsluts. Only gifs!

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A subreddit for cum related gifs. Just a facial isn't enough, some sort of playing with, swallowing, swapping, licking, rubbing, etc is needed. A little more specific than cumsluts and only gifs

**Posting Rules!**

1. Follow all Reddit overarching community rules.

2. Gifs only. No still images. No videos.

3. A facial is not enough, some sort of extra action is required. This includes, but is not limited to, swallowing, licking up, swapping, general playing, rubbing, etc.

4. Try to avoid reposts.

5. Feel free to crosspost to and from

6. Females based content only. Apologies and no judgement, just not the niche here.

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