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Created on: 2019-12-17

Approximate number of subscribers: 229445

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Moderators: cucupid

Community Description: A community for real verified couples to connect, post, and share their adventures in the lifestyle.

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CuckoldVerified is a community for sharing and connecting with couples participating in or interested in any type of cuckold relationship. Verified couples are highly encouraged to share their pictures, videos, experiences, stories, and request/give advice.

We are here to support this beautiful lifestyle, so please remember the rules.


1. **Content must relate to the cuckold lifestyle** Posts must be of or related to cuckolding or similar kinks (ex: subwife, swingers, female lead relationships, chastity, cuckqueans, etc)

2. **Posts must be original content only** No posting anyone else's pictures or videos. Content must be user generated. Only verified users may post. [Verify here](

3. **No single males requesting Couples or Hotwives** Verified Bulls may post pictures, videos, or discussion posts related to the lifestyle, however, no "looking for" posts from single males will be permitted.

4. **Requests from couples must have location** Requests from couples must contain at least a location in the title (state/territory is the minimum requirement). Do not post solo wife pics in your request other than verification posts. Posts must plausibly include cuckolding.

5. **No memes, image macros, or karma whoring** Memes, image macros, karma whoring/posts asking for upvotes will be removed. Captions must be made using original content.

6. **No promotions or advertisements** Posts made for the sake of promoting or advertising will be removed. Exchange contact info via private message, not thru posts or comments.

7. **Please keep comments civil** Please keep your comments civil, even if you don't agree. Uncivil comments will be removed and offenders will be banned.

**Approved Content:**

* Images/Videos of your couples having sexual relations with another person(s). Content must be user generated.

* Text posts that tell a story about your Hotwife having an encounter with another person.

* Questions, comments, discussions or concerns about the lifestyle.

* Meta posts that directly relate to this subreddit.

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