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Created on: 2015-12-10

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Community Description: A place for all types of cuckold/hotwife comics and art.

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A place to post and enjoy cuckold and interracial comics!


1. Posts must be COMICS about cuckolding. One panel comics: fine. Multi-panel comics: fine. Story told with images only: fine. Story told with text: fine. Hand-drawn art: fine. Art YOU (not an AI) made with a computer: fine. Long stories: fine. Short stories: fine. No story at all is not allowed. Photos that have been run through a filter are not allowed unless the story is VERY high-effort. We can forgive lazy art if you're an amazing writer, and we can forgive lazy writing if you're an amazing artist. Gotta be good at at least one.

2. Content must be 18+ by all measures.

3. Crop excessive blank space off of your images.

4. To request posts. If you like an artist's work you may ask in the comments if they take requests.

5. If a post it not your original work please credit the creator in the title.

6. “Reblog if” “repost if” “by posting this” “will do X for each upvote” = banned for being a bot.

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