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Created on: 2012-10-23

Approximate number of subscribers: 51456

Approximate number of online users: 72

Moderators: NotFrankStallone, Carrutherz, Zero___X, MAGIC_EYE_BOT

Community Description: Appreciators of celebrity women who choose to wear hosiery.

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This subreddit is for fans of celebrities in hoisery. Celebs of all types are welcome: film, TV, sports, music, and celebs of all nations. The more famous the celeb, the better.

Imgur/Reddit image hosting and HD images are much preferred.

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Rules for r/CelebsInTights

Rules that visitors must follow to participate.

**1: No spam**

**2: Celebrity must be 18+ when the photo or video was taken.**
Bannable offense

**3: Must be a woman celebrity AND wearing tights/hosiery**
Only pictures/videos/gifs of a woman celebrity in hosiery/pantyhose/stockings/thigh highs/sheer tights/opaque tights. (To be a celebrity, the person must have some sort of fame whether it is through film, TV, sports, music, or social media. Celebs from all nations are accepted. A google search will determine whether that person is famous or not.)

**4: No Fakes**
Fake photos of a supposed celebrity wearing tights will be deleted and your account will be banned, i.e. a superimposed face onto an unknown model is not acceptable. If you even think an image might be fake, then do a quick reverse image search to verify. It's a waste of the moderator's time to "discover" whether a photo is faked.

**5: Name of celeb in title ONLY**
Name only please. No one needs to hear your creepy descriptions. Exceptions would be including the date/location the picture was taken. Sometimes crossposts don't display the name, so please type the name even for crossposts.

**6: Don't repost too soon**
Don't repost an image within 1 week of it being posted last.

**7: No yoga pants, running, or exercise leggings**
Hosiery and pantyhose are not the same as yoga pants. Try r/celebritiesyogapants.

**8: Visual Verification of celeb**
Visual verification of the celebrity must exist in the post (not in the comments). We should see a celeb's face while wearing the tights. Don't post some pantyhose legs and claim that a celeb is wearing them; we need to know a celeb is in fact wearing.

**9: No leaked or fappening material**
Leaked photos/videos are not allowed. This includes material from "the fappening."

**10. Keep it classy and respectful**

Keep it classy, be respectful to celebrities and your fellow Redditors. Submissions and comments that are abusive, harassing, sexually explicit, or inappropriate are removed and can result in a ban: no "jerkoff" posts, comments, or usernames. This is a zero-tolerance insta-ban rule. No DM or roleplaying requests.

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