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Created on: 2016-08-21

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Community Description: Pictures, Videos and Gifs of Celebs going wild. Mostly sex scenes or other celeb nudity!

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## **About the subreddit:**

**Pictures, Videos and Gifs of Celebs going wild**

* **This Subreddit is 18+ (NSFW)**


* **Only Female Celeb Pictures, Videos or Gifs that contain Seminudity/Nudity**

* **Direct image links are preferred (Imgur, gfycat or Supload)**

* **No LQ Pictures/Gifs/Comments**

* **No leaked Pictures allowed**

* **No fake Pictures allowed**

* **No Porn Stars**

* **Use the Flair option to Tag your Submission with Picture/Gif/Video.**


* **/r/NudeCelebsOnly**

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