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This is not a sub for people only looking for meet ups. There are other subs that cater for people strictly looking for DMs.

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Mommy Ana called me to the bathroom. she told me "don't be shy and join me".
u/Easy_Upstairs_2701 in

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Alexandra Daddario – I warned mommy Double D Dario, but she just thought it was cute teasing me by walking around the house without any bra on, w/o panties, or painting her toenails totally nude. She thought I was just going to jerk off to her, but her teasing pale arsehole got a surprise!
u/Cum2celebs in

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When your dad passed away and left everything to your busty step mom Christina Hendricks. You thought you'd be more pissed off except your step mommy is now your sugar mommy. As long as you keep giving her that big young cock, she'll give you whatever you want.
u/Lex_luthor_with_hair in

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mommy JLO loves to tease me when daddy is away
u/betaboy221 in

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"Fuck me now baby before anyone seeing us" – Scarlett Johansson

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The place to post any of your Celebrity Mommy desires or fetishes.


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