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Created on: 2017-11-12

Approximate number of subscribers: 126088

Approximate number of online users: 10

Moderators: cedehh, Getting_Strange, dragunball, Cedeh, ClubCed, Cedehhh, Cedehhhh

Community Description: Mostly gifs that u/cedehh makes from Porn he finds or submissions from amateurs & his friends that he approves 🙂

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Posts by or approved by u/cedehh they will mostly be Gifs hence the title but some images etc will be in the mix once and awhile too.

# Amateurs – I dig using this page to help promote you! Hit up r/clubced for details. Club members posted there too for people to perv lol. Support sex workers ya'll.

* r/Dragunball
> My Girlfriend is doing her own sub too 😀

* r/GettingStrange
> OC with my Girlfriend

Content I dig that I find on reddit: r/CedehsFavs
My absolute favourite content: r/CedehsChoice (the favs Sub features a lot of stuff now and I wanted one with less, more focused)

My Sub for Hentai Content: r/CedehsHentai

r/CedehsGifs2 Secondary Sub, posts a lot more crap lol

Sub where I keep track of what to post later lol r/CedehsQueue

Getting started on twitter too

Also: r/purplezebra_ r/MissLexa r/Ishes r/AsianGoodGirl r/Damazonia r/TheGapeGatsby r/ggkatie r/GuiltyGamerKatie r/TheRealBritneyAmber r/SportsBraTaylor

TS content only: r/cedehts

Someother Subs I made or run:

* r/monsterfacials
* r/bimbocumsluts
* r/johnthompson
* r/breastsmothering
* r/OneDickManyChicks
* r/GloryHo
* r/SportsHentai
* r/SoakedHentai
* r/WiiFitTrainer

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