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Tired of trawling through the top posts on gonewild only to be repeatedly disappointed by page after page of ^small boobies? BigBoobsGW is exclusively for the more well endowed ladies of reddit to share their bodies for karma from those who love *tig ol' bitties*.


**ALL** rules in this sub are *single strike*. This isn't baseball, you break a rule, you're out. No exceptions, no retrial, gone, done, banned. Period, end of story.

If you think someone is breaking the rules, use the report button, *but be warned* if you use the report button to troll or complain about someone selling **ON THEIR PROFILE** and they aren't doing so **in this sub**, then *you* will be the one who's banned for abusing the report button.


**1)** 18+ years of age only.

**2)** No kik, snap, instagram, onlyfans, selling, anything else related to selling, or allusions to these items *IN THIS SUB.* You **CAN** have these things in your profile, you cannot mention them in this sub, you cannot put any mention of them in titles, comments, or anything of the sort. If someone wants to see what you're selling they'll go to your profile to find it on their own.

**3)** Must be amateur and must be of **you**. No boyfriend pics, no professional shots, no pictures of your favorite pornstar, no asking who some picture you found on the internet may be. This is very simple: If **you** are not the person in the picture, don't post it here.

**4)** No begging for upvotes. This means none of the "To the five guys that'll see this" or "I hope at least one of you likes this" or "Posts haven't been getting much attention lately" and so on and so forth. No one likes these titles, it's low hanging fruit, just stop it.

**5)** *All* posters must be **verified** in order for their posts to be visible. See the sticky post for how to verify yourself. If you aren't verified and your post is removed *do not* send a message to the mods asking why your post was removed. This is a stupid question and you'll be banned for asking instead of reading the rules.

**6)** No offensive comments, trolling, or spam.


**1)** 18+ years of age only.

**2)** Read and understand the *ALL the rules for posters and subscribers* before you report anything. You are not a moderator here. The rules are there to teach you when to report something. If there's something you don't like and it's not breaking the rules, just downvote and move on. Reporting a rule breaker gets *them* banned, being an asshole and abusing the report button gets *you* banned.

**3)** No offensive comments, trolling, or spam.

**4)** No posting or hinting at personal information. If you think you recognize someone, keep it to yourself!

**5)** If a poster chooses to remain semi-clothed that's their choice. Respect it.


Sometimes the spam filter picks up good and relevant posts by mistake. If this happens to you, [message the mods]( and your post will be rescued.

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