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Created on: 2019-02-26

Approximate number of subscribers: 283341

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Moderators: MrSirDaddy, Zoe_Riot

Community Description: Tongue out / mouth open waiting for that Cum!

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Tongue out waiting for that Cum!


1. Your post should include your mouth open wide and/or your tongue sticking out.

2. Add selling sites to comments, not the post titles.

3. No Hateful Speech. If comments are found to contain hateful speech or make personal attacks comments will be removed or banned.

4. Please do not flood the page with images. Serial reposters/spammers may be banned.

5. No individuals, celebrity status or not, that are under the age of 18 shall be posted on this subreddit. Violators will be permanently banned from the sub with zero warnings. Questionable material will be removed at the discretion of the moderation staff. This rule also extends to lewd/abusive comments made directed towards minors.

6. No personal information about any girl posted shall be shared. This includes first name, last name, location, occupation, age. Any advertisement of giving this information to individuals will result in a permanent ban. The exception to this rule is celebrity status. A celebrity is a person that either: has any social media following >80K followers or is officially in the adult entertainment industry. Begging for personal information in the comments will result in a temporary ban if persistent.

7. Please adhere to Reddit's site-wide content policy. This means no candids, revenge porn, threats or harassment, asking for upvotes, or deception. This is an umbrella guideline for those not explicitly mentioned below.

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