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Created on: 2016-08-25

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Community Description: This sub is for Ecchi focusing on a Girl's best feature! Panties included!

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Pictures of an Anime girl's most interesting attribute.

Anime Pussy is an Ecchi Sub reddit for tastefully sexy anime girls


Cross check your image on first.

Ensure that it does not have a "loli" tag associated with it on any of the relevant image source sites that it appears on. Make sure you check it's parent and child posts, and ensure that it's not related to loli tag either.

After you have crosschecked it, you will need to link the Source, or a result from the search that shows it does not have a loli tag in it. If the source is Pixiv or Twitter, post the source in the comments.

Images of huge breasted girls, or female characters where adult age wouldn't be questionable are not required to post a source or reference link. Although it is strongly suggested.

If one of the major anime image hosting sites has a better resolution version re-upload that image to imgur, and post that version instead.

If you need an explanation for this rule, please check [here](

"What if my image doesn't have IQDB, Twitter or PIXIV Sources?" Then posting it will be fine so long as the character does not look young, and does not break any other subreddit rules.



What is allowed.

Anime girls showing off their pussy. Innies, outties, Spread, masturbating, touching, girl on girl sex, ect.

Panties included! If the artwork is focused on her pussy, touching her pussy, the shape of her pussy under her panties, pulling down her panties, masturbating or other ecchi focused on anime pussy and panties.

This includes girls having sex with girls, as long as there is pussy touching, play, or interaction with each other's vulva.

What's not Allowed

1\. No Men, Male contact, Cum, or Male anything involved. Anything involving Heterosexual contact belongs in /r/hentai. Anything involving men will be removed. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.

Yuri content involving Futanari, Trans, and Femboy characters are not allowed either due to being offtopic. However it is suggested to share Yuri and Ecchi involving these kinds of characters interacting with vulvas and panties on /r/actualyuri. You will not receive any reprimand for posting this content other than having your post removed, and being directed to the suggested subreddit.

2\. No censorship. Any censorship of any kind. No pixels, blurring, white or blacklines. And especially no magically non existent pussy.

3\. Vulva must be visible or suggested. If you can't see her labia, or her panties showing the curvature of her vulva. It doesn't belong here. (However see grey area below)

4\. No use of highly derogatory and demeaning submission titles and commentary. Examples: Slut, Whore, Bitch, Thot, and similar. Submission can resubmitted with a new title.

5\. No Loli. Obvious rule here. No depictions of underage girls. If she looks like a child, then don't post it here. If the character does not have features that present maturity or plausibility of adulthood(such as breasts), do not post it. Any obvious loli will result in an immediate ban. This will have to include Flat chested girls, and characters that are overly cute as well. Even if they are adult age, under developed or childlike features cannot be posted.

6\. No Rule34 Video game characters unless they are specifically related to Anime and Japanese video games. That belongs in /r/rule34. No LoL, WoW, Overwatch, ect. Any Japanese characters from video games must be in anime style. Dota Dragon's Blood characters are allowed.

7\. No Transphobia, Homophobia, Racist, or discriminatory comments. This is a no tolerance issue. You will be immediately banned on sight and you will not have any grounds to repeal this ban.

Grey Area Posts

Thongs and Panties from behind. If the image is alluring to her vulva, if it's focused on grabbing your attention to her pussy, and presenting from behind, or showing off her panties, it's acceptable.

Gifs and Webms of playing with panties. If it's focus on her panties and vulva, it's grey area.

Grey area is simply if it focuses attention "downstairs" it's slightly fitting, and is probably fine.


Before posting try to find the largest unedited and non upscaled version of the image that you can find.

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